Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Are the improv shows appropriate for kids?

A) While all family dynamics are different on this subject, we find our improv shows are appropriate for emotional ages of 16 and up, but our performers will always play the room.  Whenever there is a show not appropriate for families, as is sometimes the case with our sketch comedy shows,  you'll see it noted in our publicity.

Q) What’s the deal with this non-perishable food donation?

A) We ask our patrons to bring along a non-perishable food item as part of your ticket if you can. At the end of each month we donate the food to the Biddeford Food Pantry and Saco Food Pantry.

Q) I’m the CEO of a very large corporation named after a fruit that you can make cider with.  I’m interested in buying out the house for a private Chamber of Comedy performance for my employees and spouses. Is that possible?

A) Absolutely. Just drop a quick note to Steve at and he’ll be in touch to discuss options and pricing. Sold houses are a great idea for company outings, customer and employee appreciation nights, bachelorette parties, prison releases and more.

Q) I’m a small business owner. I’m four feet seven inches and I own a business. Is it possible to advertise in your program? 

A) Absolutely. Advertising in our program is a great way to reach new heights and the very demographic you’re probably looking for. Just contact Steve and he’ll be in touch, and you’ll be in the next Maine Rep program, on the website, and on our wall quicker than you can say “elevator shoes”.