A lot of words from our Creative Entertainment Officer Steve

What a crazy couple of months.

As many of you know, for the health and welfare of our patrons, performers, and staff we closed our doors in mid-March.  We hope this is just a temporary move.

With that, we've cancelled a host of our upcoming April productions, including the hit comedy, DEARLY DEPARTED, (Yikes, talk about bad timing with a title), Humorist TTTom Clark's one Mainer show, a performance by YES & Co, an overhaul of our LAUGH YOU Spring workshop schedule, and the cancellation of our own in-house Chamber of Comedy improv shows...#94 and counting.

You've certainly been affected by this COVID-19 situation as well I'm sure; perhaps by experiencing a layoff, a cutback in your work hours, or your own small business closing its doors, not to mention hunkering down in your home or apartment, avoiding unnecessary travel, and hopefully, successfully avoiding this nasty virus.

And there's no doubt you have been inundated by other groups and organizations vying for your financial assistance, most of them certainly far more worthy causes than a theater company.  We urge you to take care of them, tend to their needs, those really suffering, struggling to put bread on tables, medical care for the elderly and young ones, and caring for our veterans who are so often overlooked, especially during times like these.  And let's not forget to support our houses of worship that play such an important role in our lives, as well as our local restaurants.  

With so many causes to consider, most in real need, to ask for any help to keep an arts organization running seems somewhat silly. We're not very good at begging.  We're good at many other things, but this begging thing...it just doesn't taste right to us.  So we won't beg.

So after you've taken care of the important people and causes in your life, if you have any extra change left we could use some help...but please, only if you have the means.  We were hoping to work things out with our landlord here at the Mill, but at present they are still requiring full rent and utilities to be paid. 

In the meantime, see that HERE'S SOME MONEY button to the right of Amanda and Nate just below this letter?  If you click that button it'll direct you on how you can help us out.

And here's what we'll offer you in exchange for your investment in our future...

   For any investment, from as little as $10.00 all the way up to $499.00, we'll match you with 100% of the same amount in credit towards our Chamber of Comedy shows through July of 2021. We'll also include your name in our "Thank You" section of our Maine Rep/Chamber of Comedy program (our PLAYBULL) for the remainder of 2020.

   For any investment from $500.00 to $749.00 we'll issue you 80% of the amount in credit toward a split of your choosing, between our Chamber of Comedy shows and any other production produced by Maine Rep through July of 2021.  We'll also include your name in our program and offer you a quarter-page ad in our program for whatever you want, for the rest of 2020.  If you are a business we'll also display a placard with your company logo on our wall and include that same logo on our website as a season sponsor.   Oh, and free popcorn for the rest of 2020 too.

   And finally, for $750.00 and up, all of the above - PLUS a private show on a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday night for you and 64 of your closest friends and/or colleagues up through July of 2021.

And if you're willing and able to help, we kindly request that your help arrives by April 24.  

Also, please be advised, we are NOT a non-profit, so your financial participation is not tax-deductible.  Please consult your own tax person for any questions on this.


With your help and the good Lord willing, we'll be back at this funny business sooner rather than later.  Thank you for reading, your anticipated continued support, and for your patronage these past couple of years.  It's been a fun ride so far...

Be safe, be smart, we love you all and look forward to a great reunion.





Your support and contribution will enable us to open back up and continue to serve the community all the while making you bust a gut laughing.  It'll also allow Amanda to continue scaring Nate.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Next CHAMBER OF COMEDY Show (#95)...you're guess is as good as ours.



Welcome to the Maine Repertory Theater website.  We’re glad you stopped in, if even for just a bit.  

Founded in 2018 by Steve Burnette and David Hanright Maine Repertory Theater is home to the region’s newest production company and performance venue.  Located in the Pepperell Mill in the heart of downtown Biddeford, Maine Rep is an intimate sixty-seat theater presenting a variety of entertaining, thought-provoking, typically light-hearted productions; including improv, sketch comedy, mystery dinner theater, original radio shows, trivia nights, game shows, comedy festivals, published works, special events, and the occasional world premiere of an original script. 

We also serve freshly popped popcorn, candy, soda, wine, and craft and domestic beers.  

Maine Rep is also a performing arts organization dedicated to helping non-profits and others in need in our community, providing a number of benefit performances for various causes and individuals while also raising over one ton of food for the local food pantries through our Legacy Project's United We Weigh Foodraising Campaign.



What’s a show by The Chamber of Comedy about?  Your guess is as good as ours as the area’s top improv comedy performers present a two-act evening of jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, beverage-spurting-through your nose original comedy, based on suggestions by you, our mostly lovely audience. Five or six of our ensemble of thirteen improv comedy masters perform on any given night, and since no two casts are ever alike, and no two audiences are ever alike, no two shows are ever alike, and that’s great, especially if our previous show stunk like a wet towel hidden under the front seat of a hot Buick in August.

With The Chamber of Comedy, every night is opening night!  Most public performances are Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, but beginning in May of 2020 we will offer a Family Friendly show on Saturday nights at 6:30, followed by another performance at 8:30.


The Chamber of Customized Comedy

The Chamber of Customized Comedy is a unique and exciting entertainment option, reaching out to corporations, fraternal organizations, small businesses, wedding parties, and non-profits for private, sold-house performances.    

Ideal for any small-to-midsize group or organization looking for a fresh alternative to thank your fellow industry professionals, employees, their families, your potential customers, or those just looking for an outside the box evening of laughter for sixty of their closest friends.  Come to think of it, we're not such a bad idea for hosting your next fundraiser too.



We encourage our patrons attending any performance to bring with them a donation of non-perishable food items.  At the end of each month we will deliver your donations to Seeds of Hope, right here in Biddeford.  This program we like to call our United We Weigh Foodraising Campaign.  Because of your generosity, Maine Rep collected and delivered over one ton of food in 2019 between the Biddeford Food Pantry and Saco Food Pantry.


LAUGH You, Comedy Academy

Ever wanted to try your hand at improv comedy?


Looking for a class that can help with your shyness or public awkwardness?


Tired of reading these questions in italics?

LAUGH You is an affordable school for improv and sketch comedy creation and performance taught exclusively at Maine Rep. 


Ninety-minute workshops are offered to three age groups, 7th and 8th graders, high school students, and adults. These small size groups will meet once a week for six weeks, then if interested and if requirements have been met students will have the option to advance to the next level after a brief break.  

LAUGH You Student Progress Performance Nights for invited friends and family are offered following the completion of level two and level four, with a public performance presented at the completion of the entire program. 

Given the current COVID-19 Virus outbreak we are reassessing when we will be offering our next session of classes.  Please visit this section often or drop us an email requesting schedule updates as we have them available.     

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