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Welcome to the Maine Repertory Theater website.  We’re glad you stopped in, if even for just a bit.  The following should give you an idea of what we’re about; probably more info than what you need, and as with all businesses just beginning there will be changes made as we move along and inch closer to opening this new and exciting venture. We’ll do our best to keep you updated with the latest, and pictures of our interior shall be posted soon.  We thank you in advance for your visit to our website and your anticipated patronage.

Maine Repertory Theater is home to the region’s newest production company and performance venue, founded by Steve Burnette and David Hanright.  Located in the Pepperell Mill in the heart of downtown Biddeford, Maine Rep is an intimate sixty-seat theater presenting a variety of entertaining, thought-provoking, typically light-hearted productions; including improv, sketch comedy, old time radio shows, published works, special events, and the occasional world premiere of an original script.  

But Maine Rep is so much more.  We are a performing arts organization dedicated to helping non-profits in our community.


Mostly improv, some scripted, all original comedy.   What’s a show by The American Chamber of Comedy about?  Your guess is as good as ours as the area’s top improv and sketch comedy performers present a two-act evening of jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, beverage spurting through your nose original comedy based on audience suggestions, with some original sketches occasionally tossed in for good measure or to kill time.  And since no two audiences are ever alike, no two shows are ever alike, and that’s great, especially if our previous show stunk like a wet towel in a hot Buick.


Public performances are most Friday and Saturday nights, with Family-Friendly Friday shows at 7:00 PM, and Saturday night 9:00 PM shows more suited for adults.

The American Chamber of Customized Corporate Comedy

The American Chamber of Customized Corporate Comedy is a unique and exciting entertainment option, reaching out to corporations, fraternal organizations, small businesses, wedding parties, and non-profits for private, sold-house performances.    

Ideal for any small-to-midsize group or organization looking for a fresh alternative to thank your fellow industry professionals, employees, their families, your potential customers, or those just looking for an outside the box evening of laughter for sixty of their closest friends.  Come to think of it, we're not such a bad idea for hosting your fundraiser too.

Customized Corporate Comedy shows are available Sunday through Thursday nights, and obviously must be arranged in advance.


Ever wanted to try your hand at improv comedy?    

Looking for a class that could help you with your shyness or public awkwardness?  

Tired of reading questions in italics?

LAUGH You is an affordable school for improv and sketch comedy creation and performance taught exclusively at Maine Rep.    

Workshops are offered to three age groups, 7th and 8th graders, high school students, and adults.  Small size workshops will meet once a week for ninety minutes for five weeks for the first level, then six weeks for each level thereafter.  LAUGH You student Progress Performance Nights for invited friends and family are offered following the completion of level two and level four, with a public performance presented at the completion of the entire program.   


We encourage our patrons attending any performance to bring with them a donation of non-perishable food items.  At the end of each month we will divide and deliver your donations to the Biddeford Food Pantry and The Saco Food Pantry. This program we like to call our United We Weigh Foodraising Campaign.    

As part two of our Legacy Project Maine Rep will also donate 2% of every ticket sold in 2019 to Habitat for Humanity - York County, and another 2% to Volunteers of America - Northern New England, and their ongoing work with Cabin in the Woods, creating housing for our homeless veterans.  We thank them for their bravery and honorable service to our country.

LAUGH You - The Details

LAUGH You is an affordable school for improv and sketch comedy creation and performance, taught exclusively at Maine Rep. 

Small size workshops will meet once a week for ninety minutes, for five weeks for Level 1.  Maximum number of students per class is ten. Minimum number for a class to commence is six students.  

Cost is $100.00 per student for the five-week workshop.

Early Bird Special - $85.00 when registered by December 22.

Registration closes December 28.


Level 1: 7th and 8th Grade; Mondays, 3:30-5:00  January 7, 14, 21, 28, and February 4.  

Level 1: High School; Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30 January 8, 15, 22, 29 and February 5.  

Level 1: Adult; Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 January 8, 15, 22, 29 and February 5.    

For those with an interest in continuing their studies, these Level 1 students can anticipate Level 2 workshops beginning sometime in late March of 2019.  The actual dates will be posted shortly after the New Year.

Level 1 classes are taught by Maine Rep and American Chamber of Comedy founder and director Steve Burnette. Steve is a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Conservatory.

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Weather Alert


Does it snow in Maine?

Yes Virginia, it does. Often and muchly. And that sometimes means a cancellation. While we cannot control the weather, (though we are doing our very best with scientists in an undisclosed lab in Gorham), we can control our performance schedule.

When in doubt please check the website and we will announce the cancellation of any of our scheduled shows no later than 5:00 PM the evening of that show.

Having trouble getting to the site? Then call us at (207) 205-6201 and if we’re not answering the phone because we can’t even get to the theater, don’t hang up because we’ll have a recorded message announcing that night’s cancellation plans. 

Any tickets purchased for that evening will be made available to apply to another future performance. So keep an eye out, preferably the good one Virginia.